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At NEJMEK STAR, we believe in unlocking the mysteries of the universe to provide you with profound insights and guidance. Our astrology services are designed to answer your burning questions and illuminate your path.

1. Single Question Consultation

₹500 INR
Have a specific question on your mind? Our astrologers will delve into the cosmic energies to provide you with a detailed and personalized answer.

2. Additional Questions

₹500 INR/ Per Question
Unlock the secrets of your life with a comprehensive analysis of your birth chart. Gain insights into your personality, relationships, career, and more.

How It Works:


Submit Your Question or Details:

Visit our services page or contact page. Enter the personal details and the required details for a birth chart analysis.
Select the 
questions from the form.


Securely make a payment online. Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden costs.


Once payment is confirmed, our expert astrologers will commence their analysis.

For single questions, expect a detailed response within 72 hours.
For additional questions, expect a detailed response within 5 days.

Receive Your Insights:

Get ready to receive your personalized insights directly in your inbox.

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